Sri Venkateswara University – Tirupati

Sri Venkateswara University – Tirupati

Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati was established in 1954.

Accredited by
National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

Programmes offered

College of Arts
M.A-Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology
-M.B.E.-Business Economics
-M.A.-Fine Arts,(Music)
-M.A-Political Science & Public Admn.
-M.A.-Population Studies
-MSW-Social Work
College Of Biological & and Earth Sciences
—Social Anthropology
—Physical Anthropology
—Archeaological Anthropology
-M.Sc-Bio-informatcis (2006)
-M.Sc.-Fishery Science & Aquaculture
-M.Sc.-Home Science
-M.S-Food Technology
-M.Sc-Textiles & Fashion Technology
-M.Sc-Industrial Microbiology
College of Commerce,Management & Information Sciences
-M.F.M.-Financial Management
-M.C.A-Computer Science
-M.L.I.Sc-Library & Information Sciences
-M.B.A.-Management Studies
College of Education & Extension Studies
-M.A.-Adult Education
-M.A.-Women s Studies
College of Humanities
-M.A.-Linguistics and Foreign Languages(ID)
-P.G.Dip-Applied Linguistic (Dissertations)
-P.G.Dip. in German
-P.G.Dip. in French
-P.G.Dip in Translation
-M.A.-Telugu Studies
College of International Studies
-M.A.-Human Rights & Duties
-PG Dip.-Human Rights & Development
-M.A.-South East Asian & Pacific Studies
College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
-M.Sc-Analytical Chemistry
-M.Sc-Environmental Chemistry
-M.Sc-Inorganic Chemistry
-M.Sc-Organic Chemistry
-M.Sc-Physical Chemistry
-M.Sc-Medicinal Chemistry
-M.Sc-Nano Materials & Technology
-M.Sc-Industrial Chemistry(2006)
-M.Sc-5-Integated course in Chemistry
-M.Sc-Environmental Science
-M.Sc-Instrumentation (2005)
-M.Sc-Applied Mathematics
-M.Sc-Computer Science
-M.Tech-Energy Management
-M.Tech-Space Technology
-M.Sc-5-year Integrated Course in Physics
-M.Sc-Applied Statistics
S V U College of Engineering
-B. Tech. Regular Courses in
—Chemical Engineering
—Civil Engineering
—Electrical & Electronics Engineering
—Electronics & Communication Engineering
—Mechanical Engineering
—Computer Science & Engineering
-M.Tech-Chemical Engineering
-M.Tech-Civil Engineering
—Environmental Engg.
—Geotechnical Engineering
—Structural Engineering
—Water Resource Engineering
-M.TechElectrical & Electronics Engineering
—Power Systems Operation & Control
—Electronic Instrumentation & Communication Systems
-M.TechMechanical Engineering
—Industrial Engineering
—Production Engineering
DOCTORAL PROGRAMMES-In all disciplines of Engineering

Sri Venkateswara University – Distance Education

Affiliated colleges

Aaditya Degree College, Nellore
Annamacharya College of Education, Rajampet
B.T.College, Madanapalle (1915), Madanapalle
Bharat College of Education , Kadapa
Bharathamatha Degree College, Ramapuram (2001), Tada
BKRM Degree College (1996), Konda Puram
BT College, Madanapalle
Bullard Memorial ABM Degree College, Kavali
C.DASS Arts & Science Degree College (1991), Sathyavedu
Camford Degree College (1999), Puttur
CNR Arts and Science College (2002), Piler
CVRM Arts College (2002), V. Kota
CVS Krishna Teja Degree College, Renigunta Road, Tirupati
Dadakhalandaria College of Education, Kadapa
DAW College (1979), Proddatur
DK Govt. Degree College for Women (1964), Nellore
DKW Degree College, Nellore
Doddapaneni Prameela Memorial College of Education, Atmakur, Nellore Dt
Dr. AER Degree College, Tirupati
Dr. Agarala Easwara Reddi Degree College, Tirupati
Dr. Ambedkar Law College, Tirupati
Dr. BGR Women’s Academy (1997), Nellore
Dr. KR Christian Degree College, Jeevagram (2000), Renigunta
Dr. KRC College of Education, Renigunta
Dr. SRJ Degree College (1986), Atmakur
DRW College, Gudur
DRW Degree College, Gudur
Emerald’s Degree College, Tirupati (2000)
ESS Degree College (1998), Venkatagiri
Gate Degree College, Tirupati (2001)
Gayatri Degree College, Tirupati (2002)
Geetanjali Degree College (2000), Nellore
Geethanjali Institute of PG Studies, Vaddipalem
Girvani Degree College (1997), Chittoor
Global Institute of Advanced study in Education, Palamaner
Government Degree College, Venkatagiri
Govt Degree College, Valmikipuram (Vayalpadu)
Govt. Degree College (1978), Nagari
Govt. Degree College (1978), Rayachoty
Govt. degree College (1980), Rajampet
Govt. Degree College (1982), Porumamilla
Govt. Degree College (1982), Rly. Kodur
Govt. Degree College (1983), Puttur
Govt. Degree College (1983), Udayagiri
Govt. Degree College (1995), Karvetinagaram
Govt. Degree College for Men (1948), Kadapa
Govt. Degree College for Men, Kadapa
Govt. Degree College for Women (1998), Srikalahasthi
Govt. Degree College for Women, Madanapalle
Govt. Degree College, Jammalamadugu
Govt. Degree College, Jammamadugu
Govt. Degree College, Naidupeta
Govt. Degree College, Proddatur
GS Arts & Science Degree College (1991), Buchireddy Palem
Hanamma Christian College of Education, Proddatur
HM Degree College (1997), Rayachoty
Hussainy College of Education, Venkatampet, Nellore Dt
IASE Govt. Comprehensive College of Education, Nellore
IASE, S V University, Tirupati
Indira Rajiv Memorial Degree College (1993), Kuppam
Jagan’s Degree College (2000), Nellore
Jagan’s Institute of Sciences and Technology, Vaviletipadu
Jagan’s Degree College, Nellore
Jawahar Bharathi Degree College, Kavali
JB Institute of Computer Technology, Tirupati
Kakammi Educational Society, Puttur
KLNR Degree College, Piler
KMM Degree College, Tirupati
KMM Institute of P.G. Studies, Ramireddi Palle, Tirupati
Krishna Chaitanya Degree College, Nellore
Krishna Sarada Degree College (1997), Porumamilla
KSRM College of Engineering, Kadapa
Lendy Degree College, Nellore
Lepakshi Degree College (2003), Proddatur
Loyola Degree College, Pulivendla
Masha College of Education, Yerraguntla
MCA College, Balaji Nagar, Kadapa
Mother Teresa Degree College (2001), Palamaner
Mother Theresa College of Education, Badvel
Mother Theresa Institute of Computer Applications, Palamaneru
MSR Degree College (1993), Kavali
MSR Degree College (1993), Vinjamur
Nagarjuna Degree College for Women (1993), Kadapa
NBKR College of Education, Vidyanagar (Vakadu) Nellore Dist
NBKR Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyanagar, Nellore Dt
NBKR Science & Arts College, Vidyanagar, Nellore
Noble College of Computer Sciences, Musunur, Kavali
NPS Govt. Degree College for Women, Chittoor
NTR Govt. Degree College (1988), Valmikipuram
Osmania Degree College (1994), Proddatur
OVR Degree College, Tirupati
P. Basi Reddy Law College, Kadapa
Penubala College of Education, Kodur
Priyadarshini PG Centre, Nellore
PRR & VS Govt. Degree College (1965), Vidavalur
PVKN Govt Degree College, Chittoor
Rama Raja Women’s College of Education, Tirupati
Ramakrishna Arts & Science Degree College (1997), Allur
Ramaraja MCA College, Tirupati
Rani Tirumaladevi College of Sciences (1994), Proddatur
Rao’s Degree and PG College, Nellore
Rao’s Degree College (1996), Nellore
Rao’s Institute of Computer Sciences, Nellore
Rapur Govt. Degree College, Nellore
Rayalaseema College of Physical Education, Proddatur, Kadapa Dt
Rayalaseema Institute of Information & Management Sciences, Tirupati
RIIMS, Tirupati
Rukmini Devi Arundale College of Education, Madanapalle
S.G. Govt. Degree College, Piler
S.V. Degree College, Kadapa
S.V.Arts & Science College (1994, Chittoor
Sadhana Degree College (2001), Proddatur
Sana College of Education, Nellore
Sana Institute of Computer Studies, Nellore
Santhinikethan Institute of Technology, Daminedu, Tirupati
Sarvodaya Degree College, Nellore
SB College of Sanskrit & Indian Languages, Vidyanagar, Nellore Dt
SBSYM Degree College, Mydukur
SBVD Sabha Degree College (1995), Porumamilla
SBVD Sabha Degree College, Pullampet
SBVR College of Education, Badvel, Kadapa Dist
SCNR Govt. Degree College (1966), Proddatur
SCSRM Degree College, Chitvel
SDHR Degree College (1994), Rayachoty
SDHR Degree College, Rayachoti
SEICOM Degee College, Tirupati
Seshachala Degree College, Puttur
Seshachala Institute of Computer Studies, Puttur
SG Govt. Degree College (1980), Piler
SGKR DegreeCollege(1996), Kadapa
SGS Arts College, Tiruchanoor Road, Tirupati (1969)
Sharada Post-graduate Institute of Research & Technological Science, Kadapa
Shri Gnanambica Degree College, Madanapalle
Siddartha College of Education, Kavali
SKR & SKR Degree College for Women (1973), Kadapa
SKR Govt Degree College (1965), Gudur
SKRR Degree College (2002), Pakala
SKSC Degree College (1980), Proddatur
SLS Degree College, Pullareddy Pet
Smt NPS Govt Degree College, Chittoor
Smt. & Sri RS Janardhana Degree College, Kadapa
Smt. Basava Rama Tarakam Memorial Law College, Kadapa
SPBVD Degree College (1998), Podalakur
SR Govt. Degree College (1983), Punganur
Sree Rama College of Education, Tirupati
Sree Vidyanikethan Degree College (1996), A.Rangampet
Sri Annamacharya College of Education, Rajampet
Sri Balaji Degree College for Women, Tirupati (1999)
Sri Bhramaramba Degree College, Vidyanagar, Tirupati
Sri Bramaramba Degree College, Srikalahasthi
Sri BVR Degree College , Badvel
Sri Chandra Reddy Degree College (2003), Nellore
Sri CSSR & SRRM Degree College (1992), Kamalapuram
Sri Karunamayi Institute for Higher Learning (1999), Gudur
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha College of Sciences, Palluru
Sri Mukund Degree College, Tirupati (2002)
Sri Padmavathi Degree College, Kavali
Sri Parameshwara Degree College, Jammamadugu
Sri R.K.M. Law College, Chittoor
Sri Rachapudy Nagabhushanam Degree College , Badvel
Sri Rama Degree College, Tiruchanoor Road, Tirupati (2003)
Sri Sai Degree College (1997), Rly. Kodur
Sri Sarvodaya Degree College, Nellore
Sri Srinivasa Degree College, Madanapalle
Sri Surya Degree College (2001), Nagari
Sri Swarnadhra Bharathi Degree College, Gudur
Sri Vaishnavi Degree College (1998), Rajampet
Sri Vani Degree College (2002), Palamaner
Sri Varadaraja P.G. College, Proddatur
Sri Veda Vyasa Degree College (1994), Proddatur
Sri Vema Degree College, Naidupeta
Sri Venkateswara College of Computer Science, Muthirevula
Sri Venkateswara College of Edcation, Chittoor
Sri Venkateswara College of Education, Kadapa
Sri Venkateswara College of Law, Tirupati
Sri Venkateswara Commerce Academy, Tirupati (2003)
Sri Venkateswara Degree College (1994), Nellore
Sri Venkateswara Degree College (1997), Atmakur
Sri Vidyanikethan Degree College, A. Rangampet
Sri Vijayam Science & Arts Degree College (2003), Chittoor
Sri YSRM Degree College (1981), Kadapa
Sri YV Nagi Reddy Degree College (2002), Rayachoty
Sripathi Degree College, Madanapalle
SSR College of Education for Women, Proddatur
St. Mari College of Education, Pathavuru, Nellore-Dt
SV & SSC Govt. Degree College (1983), Sullurpet
SV Arts & Science College (1999), Gudur
SV Arts & Science Degree College, Muthirevula
SV Arts & Sciences College, Devipalem
SV Arts College, Tirupati (1945)
SV College of Higher Education (1994), Mydukur
SV Degree College (1981), Kadapa
SV Degree College, Nellore
SV Music & Dance College, Tirupati
SV Oriental College, Tirupati
SVA Govt. Degree College for Men (1966), Srikalahasthi
SVA Govt. Degree College, Srikalahasti
SVCR Govt. Degree College (1983), Palamaner
SVGS Degree College of Arts & Sciences (1983), Nellore
SVU College of Engineering, Tirupati
Universal Christian College of Education, Nellore
V.C.R Degree College (1999), Mittoor
V.R.S. Degree College, Veerapunayanipalle
Vaagdevi Degree College (1997), Proddatur
VCR College of Education, Chittoor
Veda & Sanskrit College, Nellore
Velankanni Institute of Computer Science, Venkatachala Satram
Vidya Sadana Degree College (2001), Kadapa
Vidyalaya College of Education, Tirupati
Vidyalaya Degree College (2003), Gudur
Vidyodaya College of Education for Women, Tirupati
Vignana Sudha Degree College, Chittoor
Vignanasudha Degree College (1997), Chittoor
Vikas Degree College (2001), Kadapa
Vishwam Degree College (2001), Angallu
Visvodaya Govt. Degree College (1968), Venkatagiri
Viswa Bharathi Degree College, Tirupati
Viswabharathi Degree College (1995), Tirupati
Viswam College of Education, Madanapalle
Vivekananda College of Education, Chittoor
Vivekananda Degree College (1996), Nellore
VPR College of Education, Rayavaram, Proddatur, Kadapa Dist
VR College (1920), Nellore
VR Institute of PG Studies, Nellore
VR Law College, Nellore
VRS Degree College, Veerapanayani Palle
YS Raja Reddy Degree College, Pulivendla
Zion College of Physical Education, Kadapa

Campus Location
Sri Venkateswara University,Tirupati – 517 502,Andhra Pradesh, India.